A few nice words from our clients:

We will continue to use their services

"The recruiting team at Palmer Kent Associates has assisted us in dramatically growing our midsized law firm. The quality of candidates we're meeting are top of the market and the fits are excellent. This is solely because Palmer Kent took the time to meet with us and learn about our firm and our culture before introducing us to our first candidate. We will continue to use their services."

An extremely effective partner

"Palmer Kent's experienced recruiting team has been an extremely effective partner for me in my duties as Managing Partner of a large law firm. They have placed multiple attorneys with our firm and each time I am impressed with the caliber of the candidates presented. These professionals apparently listen well, and quickly understand not only the major characteristics we look for, but also the nuances required for a good fit. It is a pleasure to work with them."

Reliable, intuitive, efficient and persistent

"The recruiters at Palmer Kent Associates stand out in the profession. They are reliable, intuitive, efficient and persistent. You can truly tell they care about the needs of their clients and candidates alike."

Always above and beyond

"When my firm was ready to bring in a department head for one of our practice groups, I knew just who to call. Palmer Kent Associates has always gone above and beyond to present me with candidates that are stellar. We spent many hours meeting and discussing what we needed and the type of personality that would work within our firm. In a matter of days, Palmer Kent had scheduled meetings with several viable candidates. One of them is now the head of one of our most thriving practice groups. Thank you for your hard work!"

I highly recommend working with them

"Palmer Kent Associates is always at the top of my list when I have difficult searches that need attention. They have played an integral role in some of our most successful acquisitions. The recruiters at Palmer Kent have just the right amount of tenacity to go after the top candidates in the marketplace. I highly recommend working with them."

Praise from our candidates:

Professional, responsive, and authentic

"The recruiting team at Palmer Kent Associates could not have been more professional, responsive, and authentic and committed throughout the complete recruiting process. They held my hand all the way through and coached me prior to every meeting. The entire team was very knowledgeable about each firm with whom I was meeting with and as a result, there were no surprises at the interviews. The goal of Palmer Kent was not to place me quickly, but rather to match me up and introduce me to firms that met MY needs and long term goals. I highly recommend working with this team of experienced professionals that know how to get the job done right!"

Excellent match made

"Searching for a new platform for my practice during the recent economic downturn was difficult. Part way through my search I referred to the experienced recruiters at Palmer Kent Associates. I was getting nowhere on my own and from the moment they stepped in, the search changed. Within a short amount of time, they had me scheduled for meetings with several AmLaw firms and I have since joined one of those firms. My practice has thrived here and grown in a short time thanks to the excellent match made by the recruiters at Palmer Kent."

Knowledgeable and professional recruiters

"When I received a call from a recruiter at Palmer Kent, I really was not considering making a move. I knew I needed to make a change as my practice was stagnant at my firm. However, after a discussion with one of the Palmer Kent recruiters, I realized that this was the time to take my growing practice elsewhere. The search was lengthy, but a perfect opportunity for me to see what firms were available to me and where I would fit best. The continuous advice I received throughout the process was incredible. The responsiveness was first rate from the first day we spoke and even after accepting the offer. I had questions about the transition and my Palmer Kent recruiter guided me through each one of them. You will not find more knowledgeable and professional recruiters at any other search firm."

Honest and informative

"While recently seeking a new job, I worked with the legal recruiting firm of Palmer Kent Associates. During this process, I felt that the advice I received was honest and informative. The recruiter pointed out both the positives and negatives about each firm available to me and encouraged me to do my own due diligence regarding the partners I would be working for. They were less concerned with their short term financial rewards than they were with my long term success and happiness. I greatly appreciated that."

Extremely efficient and enjoyable process

"Palmer Kent Associates made my job search an extremely efficient and enjoyable process. I was very impressed with their thoroughness and follow-up. They knew exactly what kind of position I was seeking and pinpointed opportunities that best leveraged my background and experience. They took great care to find the "best fit" for me, both as a professional and an individual."

A pleasure to work with

"My experience with Palmer Kent is that their recruiters take a personal interest in the success of placed candidates well after the date of hire. They were a pleasure to work with."