The perfect in-house attorney

You've worked hard to build your company. You need the kind of lawyer on your team who can ensure protection for your organization, compliance with applicable laws, and leadership when it comes to utilizing outside counsel. 

Palmer Kent has a proven track record in placing skilled attorneys in dynamic corporate environments. From start-ups to grown-ups, our resources benefit companies of all sizes to locate and retain the most effective legal counsel. 

Why in-house?

  • An in-house attorney is always less expensive in the long-run than parceling out 100% of your company's legal work to outside law firms.
  • An in-house attorney will know your business better. Especially the day-to-day operations and business objectives. 
  • An in-house attorney brings peace of mind and comfort to your company's leadership team in terms of communicating legal and business issues, as opposed to the apprehension that usually exists when a business owner begins to share confidential and closely held information. 
  • An in-house attorney is on call for your company.
  • An in-house attorney only has one client: you
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