No two law firms are alike.

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Nor are any two searches. Accordingly, Palmer Kent Associates addresses our clients' needs on an individualized basis. We are pleasantly persistent, determined to present only top legal talent and represent your firm or legal department at all times with professionalism and discretion.

We work on both a retained and a contingent fee basis. The advantages of a retained search are significant: First, retained searches take precedence over contingency assignments, due to the mutual commitments that are involved in the search process. The client firm or legal department is essentially securing a commitment from the search firm to prioritize the search and the search firm is committing the best of its team to the search, giving the client the right of first refusal of sourced candidates. Second, by initiating a retained search, potential candidates see how serious your firm or company is about filling the position, thereby giving credibility and legitimacy to our search consultants when discussing this position with potential candidates.
While we enjoy the opportunity to represent you on retained searches, we must first make a determination that doing so is in everyone's best interests. This evaluation is made by ascertaining pertinent facts about the search, including whether and for how long the position has been the subject of a prior search, and the potential appeal of the position to candidates who are likely to be the best fit for the position. If we do not believe that a retained search would be in your best interest, we will explain our reasoning and propose working on a contingent fee basis instead.
Our recruiters have decades of experience in the legal, legal recruiting, and recruiting industries. Over the years, they’ve developed an extensive network of contacts and enjoy an impressive record of successful placements.  We look forward to using our broad industry knowledge and experience, and our extensive contacts and resources, to assist your firm in hiring superior talent.