Should I Use More Than One Recruiter At A Time?

I’m considering starting a job search. Should I work with as many recruiters as possible, to increase my chances of getting an interview?

We get this question a lot. The logic seems sound from the applicant’s point of view, “Wouldn’t it help my chances if I have as many people working for me as possible?” 
In reality, it actually works against you. Here are a few reasons to not engage with multiple parties to help you change firms:

1) It kills relationship-building. You’re a lawyer. You know how important it is to build a trusting relationship with your client. Recruiting firms are the same. Time and attention is spent by both parties to develop a strong relationship. Without taking the time to get to know each other, a recruiter is not best prepared to present you to a prospective firm. Which brings us to point number 2 …

2) You’re damaging your marketing efforts with multiple recruiters. A good recruiter will take the time to really get to know you. Your working style; personality; background; and more. They then take all of this information and create a marketing packet that tells your story. Even further, the excellent recruiter will also know the culture of the law firms they are presenting you to. They will make sure that values and working styles are in alignment between the two of you. All of these activities only happen when strong rapport exists between yourself and your recruiter. Trust your efforts with a singular point of contact to effectuate your job change in the most effective manner. 

3) It makes you look desperate. This is the worst aspect of using more than one recruiter. What happens, and we’ve seen it time and time again, is that the candidate has multiple marketing packets made up – no two being the same – and a single law firm gets a half dozen submissions. All from you. All a little bit different. All from different recruiting agencies. This is a pet peeve of so many HR and recruiting professionals within law firms. There is no consistency and your presentation is all over the place. We hear that in this case, those resumes are not only overlooked - - but done so with prejudice. Confidence is key in your job search. Manifest that confidence by choosing one recruiting agency, deepening a relationship to create your best possible marketing package, and trust the recruiter to do their job: to get you into a new law firm.